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Rebar Placement

Over 30 years of experience in concrete reinforcing steel. We place and tie rebar according to the blueprints of any structure.  We do tilt-ups, core walls, grade beams as well as columns, caissons, box culverts, cages, footings, mats and wire mesh. 

Post-Tension Cable

Did we mention we are post-tension cable certified PTI Level I & Level 2.

Certified since August 2006.

Construction Management

We work with you and your team to ensure all concrete pours are ready on-time.  On every project we have an experienced foreman and the owner is heavily involved on every project. We want to be your go to rebar contractor.

Why Rebar?

Concrete is so much stronger with just a little bit of rebar. The primary purpose of rebar is to increase the tensile strength of the concrete, helping it resist cracking and breaking. With greater tensile strength, concrete is stronger and less likely to break under tension.

Why Post-Tension Cable?

Post-tensioning, which is a form of prestressing, has several advantages over standard reinforcing steel. Post-tension cable reduces or eliminates shrinkage cracking. Therefore fewer joints, are needed. Cracks that do form are held tightly together. It allows slabs and other structural members to be thinner.

Why A Rebar Contractor?

We know that you have a schedule and usually a tight schedule at that. We work with you and your team to make sure all timelines are met and all inspections are passed. With Denver Rebar you can count on the rebar being installed on-time according to specifications. 

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